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Thanks, Darryl G for that advice. Of coarse hindsight is 20/20 and looking back if I knew the truck couldn't make it 500 yards to gas station I wouldn't have tried. The second attempt was after the radiator was filled and was running cool and the it shut down right after it started running rough and temp gauge read slightly over normal.

BTW synthetic oil was being used.

ok I removed the intake manifold, along with all the other stuff in its way and found that there was no oil leaking or puddles underneath it either. There was also no oil leaking anywhere around the engine. I replaced the intake manifold gaskets and reinstalled everything, checked my oil on the dipstick and the level was good and clean, rinsed out the radiator and reservoir. Started it up and it was running real rough and pouring white smoke out the tail pipe along with water.
I shut it off and checked for oil leaking out and found nothing, but when I checked the dipstick it was super milky this time. I also noticed that milky oil was flowing up and out the air box.
So my question is can a head gasket blow out and still not show signs of failure or leakage around the edges of the heads?
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