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Absolutely. It all depends were the head or seal leaks. You could have oil in the combustion chamber, water in the chamber, both in the chamber, non in the chamber. The same could happen out the exterior edge. You could have water leaking into your oil which sounds like your problem. FYI coolant is extremely aggressive on motor bearings so if your oil is milky from coolant I suggest you not keep driving. I would start researching your motor and see if there are known flaws in the head system. Some vehicles are prone to issues like broken head bolts or cracked heads. Throwing a new gasket on will not solve anything if the head is warped or cracked. Stripping the heads off an engine is a fairly involved process. Not difficult, but a lot involved and while you are in there it would be foolish to not fix, test, replace, or at least look at anything possibly worn or maintenance related. Since it sounds like your problem may enter the combustion chamber than I would do a compression test for starters after you investigate the oil problem. 2 gallons of coolant does not disappear. Is it in the block or did it burn off. If it burned off you would likely have been leaving a fog cloud everywhere you went unless you failed to check your fluids in a very long time.
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