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Some claim I'm biased but I don't see it.

It all depends on what you're most interested in. The Lesco unit is a Parker with green paint and is low cost but you get what you pay for. It's made by Ariens/Gravely who bought out Parker about 4 years ago. You can find the same unit under Parker and Gravely but with different paints.

The Billy Goat is made by Billy Goat (+/-100 employees, Lee's Summit, MO.), has 3/8" armor plate impeller with serrated edges as well as the sharpened Piranha blade in the center of the hub. We're the only ones with dual shredding technology that has the highest debris reduction in the industry. All of our DL's have replaceable liners as well as multiple accessories so you can build the unit to fit your needs but not pay for features you don't use or need for your application.

Review the units closely and ask for a demo if you're still not convinced of which unit to buy. A demo shuts up loud mouths like me and lets the products speak for themselves.

Here's a fun video we made a month ago for a 35hp DL
Drew Coates, AKA Mr. Force
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