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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Check your math lad (no wonder you are always in trouble)

Central controls are tools Duek, they gather data and make adjustments based on data. If anything happens that can mathmatically fool the system, you can be screwed by the time you catch the glitch.

All of the fancy irrigation stuff originated in Ag. where regardless of the method of application someone physically checks the crop.

My neighbor is a key man for a 25,000 acre walnut operation. He and i have discussed central control which they have on orchards located in certain areas.

The bottom line is that there is someone checking each orchard 365 days a year.
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I pretty much agree, there is no way to manage a property without actually being there regularly--

my brother made a computer program to graph and track what was entered into the time clocks and we use it as a tool for monitoring--
the problem is, actual data and what the property looks like--

I drive through some of the larger properties twice each week (as well as mowing once each week).. As you guys know, all it takes is a few days for a large area to dry up-

some of the newer boxes can accommodate measuring actual flow data -which, to me, is a better way for tracking the data-rather than looking at the run times only-though eyes on the system each week is important also to see where problems exist--
historical data is useful, weather stations and moisture sensors as well--

I am always surprised to hear about large properties which do not have the system checked regularly--my brother checks each zone once per month and does adjustments and looks for all problems-

turns out to be a little of a pain as folks see the constant repair and cannot understand--

explaining to them that without the checks they would incur larger water bills with much more water wasted rather than getting it to the plant material--always a challenge-

We have one Condo community that refuses to do minor repairs and tweaks, yet they had this idea that the system was not functioning properly in the Asiatic jasmine as the heads were not popping up above the jasmine--Although the run time was less than 5 minutes and there was virtually no runoff and the jasmine was green despite the one day a week restrictions during the 100 degree heat and no rain, they determined that the pop up heads needed to be raised so they could 'see' the irrigation heads when it was running--hence the heads needed to be raised and converted to risers.

I had to explain that the risers would be hit by the weedeaters and there was no easy way to trim the jasmine without possibly damaging the risers-also showed them a section which currently had risers and when on, the over-spray hit the building and also got out in the road due to the small 3 ft wide sections--kinda like blood, a little bit looks like a lot more than it really is--he was unconcerned
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