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Originally Posted by jackal View Post
Ya'll are kidding yourselves if you think a colllege degree is not essential today.

Better keep that lawn mowing job you have because you will have a tough time finding anything else.

If two people apply for the same job and one finished college and the other has a HS diploma, guess who gets the job. Not because he is more intelligent but because he had the determination to finish college.
As an employer (like most here on Lawnsite), I would much rather hire somebody with 4 years experience and no college than 4 years of college and no experience. The former implies being educated via execution of said necessary job skills, whereas the latter implies being educated via dictation/reading in a controlled environment with little/no execution of said job skills.
A key example would be installing an irrigation system--very technical. Someone who is told how to assemble one vs. someone who is shown on the job how to assemble one (and then takes part in assembly) is the perfect metaphor for college vs. experience. Another example would be someone in sales--a field all businesses use. I can hire someone with a 6-year master's degree in business administration/marketing, or I can hire someone with a 6-year track record of competent sales closings. Which candidate poses less risk for my company, a newbie or a veteran? Which candidate can substantiate the ability to sell better, a newbie or a veteran? Have a great day!
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