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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Check your math lad (no wonder you are always in trouble)

Central controls are tools Duek, they gather data and make adjustments based on data. If anything happens that can mathmatically fool the system, you can be screwed by the time you catch the glitch.

All of the fancy irrigation stuff originated in Ag. where regardless of the method of application someone physically checks the crop.

My neighbor is a key man for a 25,000 acre walnut operation. He and i have discussed central control which they have on orchards located in certain areas.

The bottom line is that there is someone checking each orchard 365 days a year.
I agree ...... but, having eyes on site 365 ain't gonna happen in almost every case. This is where technology can help reduce the need to have eyes on site every day, assuming the tech is designed, installed and maintained properly.
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