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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Funny, cause I have seen even more uneducated people who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag, even when given a set of instructions.

Also seen lots of guys with "experience", in some cases decades worth, who didn't know squat about anything, and their work clearly showed it. As I have said many times on this forum, you can have 100 years of experience and it amounts to dick if that experience is doing things wrong.
.....and an employer would have to be just as ignorant to hire such without performing the proper research on the job applicant. I personally set the bar fairly high for job applicants relative to others in my field. The result is fewer applicants to weed through, less risk to the health of my business, better productivity, and less stress for me. When I interview a candidate, I look for the following:
1.) No "job hoppers". If a resume is filled with someone who has been employed at five different companies over a two-year period, that's a red flag.
2.) The types of work performed. I look for directly-related experience, but not exclusively. I also look at whether previous positions required the ability to multitask, and handle high-pressure situations well (among others).
3.) Letters of recommendation from previous employers unrelated to my field. This is golden.
4.) I have studied body language, and look for cues that indicate a genuine interest in securing the applied job position.
5.) No whiners, complainers.
6.) They must respect authority. This point is two-sided. Respect is earned on both sides, but they must show respect for their position and their superiors. If they march to their own drum, and/or argue with correction, it's a character flaw that can hinder a business. As an employer, I am careful not to be a dictator, but rather a mentor.

Attributes like honesty, trust, and integrity can only be proven over time. You hand out tasks that require these very slowly. Hope this helps everyone.
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