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Originally Posted by TuffWork View Post
I know others will say service auto pilot already does this, but I have been looking for a cheaper simpler alternative to scheduling and it just isn't there. Our schedules have these headings across the top:



Instructions (push mow all, ride front/ push back, mow front only, if it's a call in it says TIME so they can time it and we know how much to charge, etc.)

Mowed (Y/ N)

Amount (if not billed for some reason - this will change next year)

Collected? (Cash/ Check/ Invoiced)

Frequency (W, EOW, Call in)

Contact (Customer Name)


These are the things I need from a scheduling software. That way I can stop using excel, and stop having to double check and recheck the list because every time someone calls to switch from weekly to EOW somehow it doesn't make it to the permanent schedule. Why not have one that does "week 1" and "week 2" and automatically adjust frequency, keeps lists of call-ins, etc. This doesn't have to be as complicated as it is. It was easy when I had 30 customers, but we now have close to 200 and it's a huge pita.
In my opinion, You nailed my situation on the dot. Ive been searching for three years, when I think I found a program, it sucks. Let me know what you find!! I keep going back to Excel and double check everything. I now have a GPS in all of our trucks, which helps on how long they were their and if they even went.
Customers change their minds, They want weekly, then back to every other week. I get some calling me saying, "this week my grandson is going to mow our lawn, can you come back next week" . ,.

I know I know, Service Auto Pilot.

It is just that my awesome bookkeeper is a Diehard quickbooks user!

There is my morning Vent! Back to work!
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