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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
How many of us know college grads in a job that has nothing to do with their degrees? Not saying college is going to hurt you but it does take a financial toll
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I know a ton, but they still needed a degree to get the job they have. If they didn't have one they couldn't have even interviewed for the job they have.

Yea college can cost a ton today. For me it wasn't too bad and my student loans are around 1.75%. If your smart in HS and actually care about your grades you can go to college without paying a dime!

I will say this, my siblings and I all have higher degrees. I'm the only one with a masters and they have PhD's!! Are we rich? No. But we all have super flexible jobs and get paid a full time salary for essentially part time work. We each enjoy EVERY holiday off, have 5+ weeks of paid vacations, retirement plans, yearly salary increases, opportunities for advancement, and other benefits. My silbings are in more secure careers than myself but I'm in charge of everything I do. Can't say I know many friends without degrees that share these things in common. Own a business (meaning you're not a solo op)? You could share these too.
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