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No one has mentioned that he needs to net 13K as the owner not have sales revenue of 13K. By the time uncle sam is done, fuel is bought, repairs are made, fees are covered, etc. he will need revenue of around $30,000 on a very lean and conservative side. Not sure the area but lets say 30 weeks for spring cleaning, mowing, and fall cleaning. $1000 a week. $250 a day for 4 days. Solo and not working at a young mans pace with likely not top of the line equipment is going to lead to 6-7hr days. Likely about 30 hours a week. or low $30's per hour gross which is actually pretty decent if it amounts to that. There are guys all over here that are pulling revenue of several hundred thousand and if they did the end math likely are making $20-25 per hour. There are a few old timers doing this type of gig around, but they are not breaking their backs. Likely they are golfing buddies or whatever and they are not taking the type of client that most full service landscapers would be be interested in. More so they are good for super cheap commercial clients, hands on and mow only clients, and the type of client that generally needs work done, but has no interest is hiring "contractors". It can be done, but like any business it is not all roses.
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