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Originally Posted by CowboysLawnCareDelaware View Post

The larger decks were fine.

I know gravely is one of the larger sponsors for this site (not sure why), but I had an Ariens 48" ztr and the hydros were already going bad at 540 hours and it would only go up inclines at 1/4 speed. I think it had a 20hp briggs, but i could be wrong about that, its been two years since I somehow sold it.

Go talk to a local dealer, preferably one that sells both machines.

60",66"&72" tritons were decent. I had a 60" and my dad has my 72" that I didn't need. Anything smaller were crap. I sold a bagger system to a guy who had a 56" triton. He spent nearly every hour with the dealer, rep or someone from exmark. Made them buy it back. He had to pay several grand to hp back to a 52" tri vantage. So a 7500 mower cost over 11 grand.

You can't compare a 757 to a residential mower. Also ridin green can stripe the crap out of his deere 240 tractor mower. I can make great stripes as well with my residential Deeres. It takes time, patients and know how.

OP you may even want to think about a new 920. Since your going to finance you will get a better % making the payment equal or less than a used mower. Just a thought.
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