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Originally Posted by CowboysLawnCareDelaware View Post

The larger decks were fine.

I know gravely is one of the larger sponsors for this site (not sure why), but I had an Ariens 48" ztr and the hydros were already going bad at 540 hours and it would only go up inclines at 1/4 speed. I think it had a 20hp briggs, but i could be wrong about that, its been two years since I somehow sold it.

Go talk to a local dealer, preferably one that sells both machines.

Gravely is a full commercial mower and Ariens is high end home owner mower. You cant compare the two. Demo a Gravely 400 series and you will buy one!!

To the OP. If you cut in wet conditions buy the JD. Exmark cuts great in good conditions. But if the grass is wet or thick forget about it. The JD cuts good in all conditions.
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