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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
save yourself some money and get yourself gravely zt hd. I have had an exmark lazer and a scag and I would rather have the gravely than an exmark any day! Commercial quality, homeowner unit price. Bought one at the end of the 2011 growing season, it now has about 450 hrs, no problems at all. "Gravely puts other mowers in the grave" haha
I looked at those and they come real close to being a full commercial unit. I just don't like the 1/2 inch cutting increment and a few other things like lighter duty trans and skinnier tires, but for an owner operator like myself I think it would hold up fine. But please give me 1/4 inch deck adjustment!

The guys around me hated even the 60 inch Tritons. The were all selling them after 1 or 2 seasons saying Ultracut, Ultracut, Ultracut!!!!!
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