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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I could pick up the phone and have a new job in the morning. I have never burned a bridge with former employers and have general knowledge of more than one industry. This thread is for people doing manual labor and other related fields, If it were between myself and someone with a college degree. Who would you choose to run your equipment, or drive your CMV?
I'd choose a guy without a degree to run my equipment--most college guys are not so saavy when it comes to sweat equity--
Though, there are some real workers out there that have college degrees--

a guy that KNOWS how to work hard doing manual labor, it doesn't bother him and also has a college degree?...its hard for me to see how much I can offer him until my business grows to a 5 or 6 truck operation (or he has a license of some sort doing more complex work than mowing grass )and he would be more useful selling, running the entire operation, not sweating behind a mower--I'd wonder why he didn't go out on his own....
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