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Originally Posted by jaec View Post
I was looking at my site rankings in google web master tools and saw that they had key words that I wasn’t using, so I took all their key words and add them to mine, now I’m up to 49 key words. I then took all 49 key words and applied them to all my pages. good or bad move?
In a quick look at your site's content, I didn't see much in the way of key words at all, so moving on to your code, it seems you're actually referring to the words in your <meta name="keywords" content=" tag. If this is correct, I'm firmly in the camp that those are an absolute waste of time. Google hasn't used those as part of their search algorithm in many years. To me, the only thing they are useful for is to allow competitors to readily see exactly what a site is targeting.

I would recommend refining and expanding your site's content. This is where you work in your key words. Pay special attention to your home page and services page.

My recommendation would be to learn some of the basic SEO concepts and work from there. Google's SEO Starter Guide is a good place to start. You'll want to look at the H tag usage, as you have some work to do in this area (1 to 2 per page is the usual, whereas you have 8 on the page I looked at).
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