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I use a QDS Ultra vac on 23 hp exmark. Dump 7 compacted bushels from seat. If you used one, you would only have to blow around the foundation, trees, and beds; add a leaf plow to the equation for heavy accumulation, and you could probably cut your time in half and fit more in a trailer load and have more energy at the end of the day. Just dump near where you will load them. Using it in reverse, as already stated helps chop large leaves down for easier collection. Also consider a front caster wheel on the blower and a front end mount to a ZTR. Mow, blow, and collect at the time time. If you used the QDS system, your pile would be 1/3 the size and would compost quicker. On large properties, we lay out several tarps for ease of dumping time the move the tarps with the mower to wherever we need them to be to save energy. All of our leaf jobs are 2 men 1 mower and full detail service.

We don't use a loader, but dump on tarps and stack the tarps on top of each other in the front of the covered trailer for removal or have a compost area on site to move tarp loads to--this saves us fuel by not needing 2 visits or 2 trucks on site. This is the most efficient methods that I've discovered for handling leaves.

I like the text ad; its very unique!
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