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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Depends on which grade. I see lots of unpolymerized urea in that label. My requirement is for at least 70% polymerized, in the mix it is not intended as the "green um up". That is what the ammonium and nitrate nitrogen is for. The CRN is just so the lawn holds if I am not exactly on schedule.

Were you applying 1 lb of N per acre in 20 gallons or was that 43 lb of N in 20 gallons? With what I use, the latter would be almost undiluted 28-0-0. Well irrigated grass can take pretty high concentrations of just 28-0-0. It gets different when P, K, and micronutrients are in the solution because that affects the salt index.
My typo yes 14 gal of fert 2 gal of K and 48oz of 3 way and 1 qt of wetting agent and not much water. I never had a problem no mirc there wasn't room.

Didn't know there were different kind of coron. I priced it one but it was $4.more a gal than what i was using.

Charles Cue
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