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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
How many of us know college grads in a job that has nothing to do with their degrees? Not saying college is going to hurt you but it does take a financial toll
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More than you think! I have a degree in electronics, paid for by the US Army, it wasn't until after ten years of service that I got my degree, but after realizing that working in Corporate America was a joke at best, working around mostly engineers most couldn't even read a set of dial calipers, and then there was the glass ceiling that I hit. Getting laid off was the final straw, degree or no degree, I have quite a few friends that are now business owners that have degrees in everything from biology to engineering but realized the same thing I did, even with the degree there is only so far your going, I basically wasted a bunch of time getting a degree that did nothing for me. I feel like I'm years behind the people that have been in business, I think that if you realize that your true passion is to have your own business, why waste time sitting in a classroom, going in debt when you could be out building your business, as part of that process take a few business classes along the way to give you some insight as to how business works, you don't need the full blown degree to get you there. I've met plenty of people that don't have degrees that I would love to have working for me, but of course they have their own business. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the college degree concept, I just don't put a ton of faith into it. It's the personal drive that makes the man a success or not, no amount of college education can out do someone that has the drive and willingness to succeed.

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