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Can anyone diagnose this leaf spot on cleyera?

Leaf spot on Cleyera. My book by Michael Dirr states only Cercospora fungus attacks Cleyera, though online is claimed that Entomosporium also infects the species.

I didn't take a photo, but it had been heavily pruned early this year by the homeowner. Foliage drop looks to be around 20-30%. This is a new pruning/landscape customer as of today, so I want to go to do service next week with an answer, as he is a good candidate for a nice install next year.

I wasn't able to take a good quality picture due to the shine on the leaf, so I scanned a few leaves. The under side is easier to see spots, though the spots are larger on the upper surface, no gray--only black with brown outer edge on the spots surface spots and no holes. I saw no indication of damage on the stems, only on leaves. The mid veign underneath has a red tint about 1/2-3/4'' long after the petiole. Its not a mold.

Any thoughts and technique to treat? I've been treating entomosporium culturally on indian hawthorne.

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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