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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
it doesn't take as much to keep an old tractor running as it does a new one. I purchased a '49 FA Cub from the original owner... He *thought* he changed the oil in it twice, and the magneto on it once. The fluids in the final drives were the consistency of grease, not oil.
Yep that's the thing about older engines/equipment. Their tolerances were nowhere near as exact as the newer stuff. And because of this, could get by with sludge oil lubricating them. I had a guy drop off a 15 yr old MTD with a quantum Briggs motor on it that took me 45 minutes to change the oil because it was the consistency of Elmer's glue. I thought that after I fired it up after filling it with synthetic Rotala it might start gushing!

It's a double edge sword really. The newer stuff performs an unbelievable amount better with smaller displacement/is much more efficient/much much cleaner burning. But they do demand proper maintenance with the proper fluids.
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