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Originally Posted by dKoester View Post
I'd start by examining what caused the disease. I'd then fix that problem(If possible) to prevent it from happening again, then treat.
In my experience, I agree for contracted maintenance accounts (since I'm guaranteed to continue to view a plant all year), but for added protection for future work I really want to know now to help expedite future deals and trust with the customer.

He doesn't have problems with the other areas of his cleyera, just this 1 hedge that is 6' tall and about 25' long--he has 2 others like this, and a yellowing azalea--I suggested that maybe his ph is too high, and should be checked already. I saw signs of chlorosis on a savannah holly near by. Possibly I'll just suggest a soil test again. before trying to conclude. Usually diseased plants have soil imperfection too, and they loose their guard.
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