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Like I tell customers who ask me how much, as a general rule...
If you have to ask, chances are you can't afford it.

But I am curious...

How many folks even remember ethanol free fuel distinctly, specifically ran it in your equipment, and can tell me which problems they experienced that they never had before... Seriously, I am one of them and I don't expect a huge crowd.

Because the stuff has been in our delivery system for more than a few years now, dang near a decade really.

Folks out there will dump additives into their fuel systems...
Additives to which they have no clue as to what they actually contain,
because fuel additives do not provide us with a ready list of ingredients...
They will dump that mysterious liquid gloop in their tanks...
All the while cursing ethanol, the one ingredient we do know is in our fuel...
For all their fuel-related problems.

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