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Expand under current name or start another company?

In a toss up.

Im working on a plan to break into a niche market.
Flood/Erosion Protection and prevention, providing mobile and onsite sandbagging, palletized prefilled sandbags, infrastructure and site flood/erosion protection,prevention and emergency/disaster response.

Im taking the Lousiana business law exam and the Heavy Construction Exam in a few weeks. I already came up with a new company name, logo, etc...

whats yalls opinion on i guess starting out new all over again?
should i just run undermy current name and add a new division or start a whole new company and keep them seperate

Current Company: One Krayzee Kajun Enterprises LLC (8yrs in business)

2nd Compnay name: Kajun Flood Workz, Inc.

thoughts, opinions,
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