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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
I looked at those and they come real close to being a full commercial unit. I just don't like the 1/2 inch cutting increment and a few other things like lighter duty trans and skinnier tires, but for an owner operator like myself I think it would hold up fine. But please give me 1/4 inch deck adjustment!

The guys around me hated even the 60 inch Tritons. The were all selling them after 1 or 2 seasons saying Ultracut, Ultracut, Ultracut!!!!!
I agree it would be better to have 1/4" incraments, but Im willing to sacrifice that for the price. I grabbed mine in 2011 for 5k. You just cant beat the gravely in all around performance, price, and sturdyness. They are highly under rated in my opinion. I will preach gravely till I find something better.
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