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Originally Posted by PaperCutter View Post
A client of mine (I do landscape design and consulting) had a low voltage LED system installed by a professional landscape lighting company this summer. The FX Luminaire well lights are all producing a ton of condensation inside the lens. I met the foreman on site this past week and he said that because the lamp itself is a sealed beam unit there's no longevity issue, which is great, but it kind of looks like crap. Is this common to these fixtures? Is there a fix, short of just leaving the lens off?
He is correct and it is common because what happens is when it cools then heats and cools then heats it creates a vacuum , which sucks the moisture in but doesn't release any do to the water tight seal. Leaving the lens off is not ideal because you will shorten the life of the LED. What type of lamp is it? If the LED itself is sealed from moisture then maybe it would work? You would still have to worry about fixture/ pin corrosion over a long period of time though.
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