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Social networking, when used right can be a huge but more importantly FREE source of new clients. Even if you don't think anyone sees ( no replies ect) They do. The only downside is figuring out how to always maintain political correctness over the interweb. People can twist your words around ect. I also encourage you to NEVER post pricing on the internet. A people can use that against you even if material cost goes up or your labor cost changes. and B it gives people a reason to call you ( then you can offer a demo or your usual pitch to seal the deal) The most important reason to use social media is because any really great photo has the potential to go viral. How many of you have done a lighting job and taken an amazing photo afterward that could be in a magazine? Thought so. POST THEM ON FACEBOOK. People see your post. I promise. The trick is to capture the right audience. Even though most facebookers IMO are teenagers age 15-30 I would say there is still plenty of reason to invest time into advertising there. A great way to get business from facebook is offer discounts for people who reference something from your facebook page. Then if you do a job you can post the pictures with a quote " Sally saved 15% on her lighting job just by liking us on facebook" Your growth will happen exponentially. TAG YOUR CUSTOMERS. I can't explain how important this is. It all goes back to the quality of the picture you post, but the more people that see it the better. That same customer you offered a discount to for liking your page is now part of your expential growth and exposure. EVERY FRIEND THEY HAVE will see the pictures of their well lit home. Hopefully some live in the same neighborhood and drive by it. This tells potential customers you ae local , reasonable and you do a good job without you ever having to demo. The other important thing is to leave customers your card. When their friends ask who took care of the lighting they will be able to contact you! Sorry for the long post , but I am a firm believer.
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