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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Exponential growth just by offering discounts on Facebook? I beg to differ. That's a gross exaggeration. I'm sorry. But you're misleading people here. Nobody's going to see EXPONENTIAL growth from facebook. You might get a little business out of it. But the word "exponential" is a huge exaggeration. Compared to the calls we get from our website, Angie's List, word of mouth, referrals, previous customers, and our trucks, the amount we get from Facebook is a very small percentage. And we have a great facebook page, a pretty solid fan base and run a pretty good facebook campaign. We haven't seen anything that I would call exponential growth. I'd call it "minor" growth. The bigger benefit I've seen is just in keeping customers engaged.

Also, your comment about tagging customers is off as well. If you have a Facebook Business page, you cannot tag your clients. It does not allow you. Unless your facebook customers also happen to be your "friends" on your personal facebook page (which is a really bad idea, by the way). So the tagging, unfortunately, does not work on the business end of facebook. I've tried. Just tried it again just now to make sure. It doesn't allow me to tag photos unless I'm friends with that person. Just because they are FANS of your facebook company page, doesn't mean you can tag them.

Also, I take issue with offering 15% off. Are you freaking crazy? I'm going to give someone what would amount to being a $500 or $1000 discount just because they posted something on my facebook page? Hey, I'm all for promotions on Facebook. You want to offer a $100 off coupon or something sure. We do that. But I'm not knocking 15% off any job for any reason. That's just bad business.

Trust me I am not trying trying to mislead anyone, but I do believe if used right you can gain a lot of business. I always have the friend page separately and a fan page. ( not with my personal account) never had an issue so far. As for the percentage it's just an example. ANY discount offered from free advertisement will help. Again. The main thing is MEDIA. Pictures sell the job IMO
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