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looks good, I prefer the dark green with the diamond. Best thing is to keep it simple, but catchy. My sister in law did mine for me. It's awesome, looks great on my letterhead, and other printed items like business cards, fliers, etc. only problem is, is that it;s too fancy to screen print or get embroidered. So she went back and dumbed it down some so I could get some iron on patches made for my carhartt jackets and a few hats. I can't complain cause it was free for me. But if you're paying or bartering, get something with 2 or 3 colors, that;s simple and affordable to get printed on t-shirts or other clothing, but still looks fancy on paper products. BTW, yard signs charge more for extra colors. I think the one with the diamond is perfect for those reasons.

slap your logo everywhere. put it on all your letters, invoices, estimates, website, facebook, trucks, equipment, clothing, your wife's hoohaa's....everywhere. advertising is a PITA but branding really helps in my opinion. i'm tossing around the idea of getting some toilet paper made up with my logo on each square. there are very few people that don't use toilet paper and the ones that don't probably aren't shopping for lawn care anyway. maybe Ill pass out a roll in every mailbox within 5 miles of my shop
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