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Originally Posted by kblandscape View Post
In my opinion, You nailed my situation on the dot. Ive been searching for three years, when I think I found a program, it sucks. Let me know what you find!! I keep going back to Excel and double check everything. I now have a GPS in all of our trucks, which helps on how long they were their and if they even went.
Customers change their minds, They want weekly, then back to every other week. I get some calling me saying, "this week my grandson is going to mow our lawn, can you come back next week" . ,.

I know I know, Service Auto Pilot.

It is just that my awesome bookkeeper is a Diehard quickbooks user!

There is my morning Vent! Back to work!
I love Quickbooks so I want something that works with it to reduce paper work. I need to get GPS on the trucks for the reasons you mentioned as welll as many others. It would be nice if it all worked together.
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