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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
How 'bout it Dutch, are you gettin' as big a chuckle out of this as I am?????
How's that go............ROFLMAO!!!!
Hey buddy, I posted on page 1 if you could post exactly why washing it out with a hose wouldn't be good. I'm asking to see if you know something I haven't thought of. Not a sarcastic reply or asking you to prove something because I think you're wrong. In asking honestly what the negatives would be if done exactly how I explained it on page one.

It's a walk behind Exmark. Tank is under the hand controls with the line coming out of the bottom and very easy to get to. It's not tucked in on the frame very tightly. I mean if it was like that I could see the chance of water pooling up in a corner not draining out all the way and causing problems.

I mean, you obviously know of a problem because you responded by saying "NOT!" Why not, specifically , is why I'm asking you now.
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