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This thread is two years old, but I'll chime in for any late readers.
From The Complete Idiot's Guide to Urban Homesteading, feed-to-meat production ratios include fish = 1.7 lbs of feed for 1 lb of meat, chickens 2.4 lbs of feed for 1 lb, turkey 5.2 lbs of feed, and beef 9.0 lbs of feed.

Aquaponics may be unfamiliar in many areas, but it is not new. The hanging gardens of Babylon were thousands of years ago. Hawaii has had active aquaponics for centuries.

If you are in zone 4 or 5, Ohio State has developed a single-season Yellow Perch that is very close to marketability. This will open new crop potential for any pond owners in cold winter areas.

It is interesting that a regular pesticide poster began this thread. In an aquaponics system, if plants are not healthy or fish are not healthy, both die. There is no need to certify an aquaponic system as organic. An organic field farmer can cheat because it takes human detection to catch the act, but any pesticide introduced in an aquaponics system destroys the system. It is beautifully self-regulating.

One can see from the feed conversion ratio and growing process that aquaponics is one partial solution to reducing fossil fuel needs, growing locally, and growing more of what
overweight Americans need. It's also a great, growing niche market for the landscape construction industry.
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