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I currently run a 32" Wright Stander and wanted to demo a Walker to see what all the hype was about. I tell ya, after running a 26hp ghs with a 48" deck and the upgraded comfort seat.......I did not want to give it back!! The deck wheels have light pressure and don't mash down wet/damp grass before your able to cut. The footprint of the deck is amazing. It floats over turf leaving a smooth non scalping cut. I have a highschool near one of my properties and their trash blows allover. I normally walk it first to pick up to avoid making confetti if I miss something, the walker sucks it up beautifully!! I was able to get under trees, under split rail fencing with ease. I like my Wright but the Walker blows it away. I could mow all day on the Walker without feeling beat up from rough turf. The only draw back I can see about the Walker is the price. I'm fairly new and starting out and it just out of my reach for now. I sure can dream though!!!! Gives me a goal to work towards.
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