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Ohio State has an intensive boot camp beginning in Jan 2013. This is for serious people who are very likely to invest in or expand their current operations.

The program is sponsored, at least in part, by the Soybean Council (feed market). The overall program goal is to develop growers who can net $50K/yr - enough to modestly support a family.

There are already part-timers making money at this, but for most it is not their primary source of income. The goal is to make this a viable industry in the midwest.

For the less immediately serious, they had planned to webcast the (weekend only, I think) training that covers several months.

The lawnsite connection is probably most relevant for those who have or plan to add pond construction and maintenance to their business plan. Freshwater prawns are already grown in the midwest, but the single-season Perch development could change a bunch of Koi/hobby ponds and farm ponds for irrigation/runoff into profit centers.
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