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We have had the Mitt Romney health insurance mandate in Massachusetts for 6 years now. We also have an "exchange", which is simply a website that helps people select a policy and an insurance company, so you don't need to think much about that, it is easy and works well. The exchange also helps identify people that will get lower cost insurance if they make low wages (many landscape workers). It is like a market where the insurance companies sell their stuff.

I have only 2 or 3 employees (depends on season) so I do not need to offer health insurance as an employer. Most of my employees so far have been under age 26, and stayed on with their parents plan. My best employee is turning 26 this year, so he will need to buy insurance or pay a penalty of about $250 per year on his tax return. He plans to buy insurance, and I plan to pay 60% of the cost. We think the best plan is for him source his insurance on his own through the connector, and I increase his pay to compensate. I think a basic low cost plan for him will be about $250/mo. If that is correct, my share at 65% would be $163/mo. So I am thinking about increasing his pay about $1.25 per hour to help him cover the expense.

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