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Best way to use a dual tank sprayer?

I've built a skid sprayer within the last month or so and am wondering what is the best way to make use of the dual tank setup. I used 2 pieces of C-channel for the bottom and angle iron for the hose reel stand. I welded everything together and mounted the reel. Still waiting on the 50 gallon tanks and band straps to ship from Plasticmart. The reel is a 12 volt Hanney with 1/2 hose that I bought used off of Craigslist. The metal for the skid came from a fab shop that my gf works at. I've posted several times trying to decide which pump/engine to go with. I finally decided on a 2.5hp Predator from Harbor Freight ($100) and a 4-roller Hypro pump coupled direct with a solid 1 piece coupler. This will be my pre and post emergent setup.
What I plan to do with the other 50 gallon tank that will be on the skid is add a 5.5hp Carroll Stream engine ($150) and a Maruyama piston pump ($500) with a seperate hose reel. This will be my insecticide setup. I use granular for fertilizer applications. Any input? I was just curious what you guys use in your dual tank setups?
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