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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I run a Z950 with a 60" MOD. It has more than enough power for the MOD, but yea, more is always better for mulching, no doubt.

The MOD is far better with OEM wavy mulching blades than it is with the std high lifts for all around cutting. Several of us here run our MOD's like that and have been quite happy with them set up that way.
Definitely agree about the OEM's. I've used OEM's on my Scag TT in regular side discharge mode and they made a difference, in the fall. The MOD would be nice for me because I've ranged from mowing a retirement community with bermuda sod one day to a 30 acre industrial plant with two weeks of growth the very next day. It's tough to find one machine that can do it all.
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