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Expansion requires boring under road....????

Guys, I've done plenty of boring private driveways, paths, etc, but have never been asked to bore a public street and cross the utility right of way as this job requires.

Photo diagram attached.

The job is for the HOA, which owns land at the entrance and at the outlined circle.

Does anyone recall a similar situation? I plan to contact the water dept and city building dept on Monday to see if a new meter would be the way to go and if its possible, considering expense to get the wires and water there would be pretty high. I'm not sure of regulations that can hinder the boring under a public street like this, and I'm sure there is something. I know there are water, power, sewage, gas, and multiple cable service laterals in the right of way, which further complicate the legality and technique to proceed with quotation.

Any advice is appreciated. Boring subcontract can also be negotiated if you are local and interested.

Thanks for looking!
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