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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
If the belt is ok...check all the pulleys to see if one is bent or if something is jammed in the groove..
If all is good...replace the idler pulley..
Also...with the belt off..turn the hydropulleys by hand....see if one is tighter than the other..
Pump pulleys take same force to turn, nothing jammed in anything.

HOWEVER something I didn't previously notice.. there are two different pulleys on the pumps. The one on the right (standing at the operators position) has a heavy cast 3 spoke pulley, the left has a thin DEEP groove sheet metal kind of feels like moms clothesline pulley on it (this could also explain the difficulty setting the tracking). I'm guessing the right side is the correct one since it has the allen grub set screw like the one in the parts book? Things are certainly getting interesting now.
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