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Originally Posted by SECTLANDSCAPING View Post
Its not just Deere... My redmax blower needs a rebuild, took it to the dealer and they wouldnt cover it. Told me it wasnt worth fixing buy a new one. I asked them a few questions on what would be covered. It came down to manufacture defects. I went to stihl talked to them and got the same feedback. So I just bought a used blower. Whats the difference? If every problem is going to be blamed on the end user. Theres no point in buying new unless you like shiny stuff.
I agree. That's why I was considering the used Kubota. I could have bought it for $6500.00. That's about 3 grand off the MSRP. Figured I'd let somebody else take the depreciation. Glad I found out about the deck gearbox problems though. $1200.00 for a gearbox that's gonna fail again is a bit much. I'll keep looking....
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