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I think most all of the large social networks have at least some value. At the very least they provide a citation for your website- even if you are never active. My experiences-

Facebook- I am relatively new to it. I do very little except push my tweets here and the occasional photo. This probably explains the low "like" count...

Twitter- I use it a lot. I post my blog updates as well as any guest articles or interviews I do. I network mainly with other landscapers and green industry media here. I have also connected with a few local bloggers this way and am arranging promotions/reviews with them. I sprinkle a small amount of non business tweets in too. I think a big part of the value is being able to convey the personality of your company.

LinkedIn- I love the interface. The updated business pages are great. You will find very few places that let you post so much detail about your companies services- with links to pages on your site. I am actually connected with more clients here than anywhere else, and a number of green industry folks as well.

Google+ I actually like it. The interface is very SEO friendly. Mostly connect with SEO folks here. I mainly do this because Google likes it. There is some evidence that articles you link to on posts get indexed very quickly. So I post blog updates here, even though no one will ever read them- but spiders will!

Don't worry Jim, I have already forgotten everything you said. Plus, I have an aversion to paid advertising.

How much does 20K Facebook fans cost anyways? ;-)
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