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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I don't normally spell things out anymore because inevitably I am only breeding my next competitor but I am just tired of seeing it...

Folks, if you are thinking stay small it isn't in the mower department this needs to happen, by staying small we speak of customers and the amount of work we take on (as in don't bite off more than you can chew) but by all means please stop dumbing yourself down in the lawn mower department.

Ztr's aren't the answer either, why every newcomer thinks they need a Ztr, it is only my guess they see these machines on the back of everyone's trailer but let me clue you in... The Ztr is the Beamer of lawn mowers, you only buy one of these when you got more money than sense, or so many dang years in the business you are tired of busting your butt every day and you can afford it so you feel like sitting on your lazy ass, fine...

But for everyone else...

In my opinion when it comes to mowers you need the biggest and baddest money can buy and in that sense it needs to be cost efficient, you need to get bang for the buck so if a 30" piece of Home Depot crap is all you have money for then you might as well get a $300 21" Honda or thereabouts and save, save, save until you have 4 or 5 thousand dollars to buy yourself a decent 44" to 48" Walk Behind from a commercial dealer.

Otherwise you will simply spin your wheels, wasting time and effort getting nowhere.
That, or save the right amount of money to begin with.

Now then...
If that there timewaster has a cvt transmission you might try a kevlar-band belt, that just might fix it good.
Beyond that it's agricultural belts, they get pricey and if they're getting worn they may need replacing often.
feel better now.........i am guessing your business is nothing to wrtite home about , just like you posts here.
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