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Originally Posted by d.klas View Post
I am wondering if I should buy a Wright Stander or a Ferris Comfort control DD walkbehind (with velke/sulky)... both of them are good grass cutters but for the sake of leaf clean up.. I dont know how well the bagging attachments work for that..

Can anybody please tell me in detail their experiences with the side bagging attachments?

I dont have enough money to buy those vacuum systems you attach to a truck and have it suck up leaf piles... Id rather buy a machine that I can use from april- late november that can do it all.. I want to stay away from Walker.. They are excellent finishing mowers and the GHS is great but they require lots of maintenance and are pretty expensive..

Any help would be appreciated!

Whether it be a truck loader for leaves or a mower capable of doing leaf clean up with the proper attachment (bagging kit) you won't be able to do anything since you don't have the money to get what you really need to do the job.
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