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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
Rodney, "RCreech" loves them. Since he's actually used them, maybe he'll respond and give you a little more info.

Hope things are going well as it has been a while since we have talked. Hope you have had a great year.

Yes I am a huge fan of the Ground Logic. Seems like I just started this post a few months ago...boy how time flies!

Just to re-cap we did start with the PG Magnums and they were a great machine. We then went with the Z-Spray units which I still think that BY FAR it is the best machine on the market and the best built machine you can buy!!!!!


As we have grown and added personnel it was harder for us to train guys and turn them loose on the Z's. They are also a lil harder to transport.

Thank goodness Ground Logic came out with a machine almost identical to the PG Magnums only better.

We currently have 4 GL's and are getting ready to add another to replace a Z Jr we just sold and also adding another for a back up machine.

So we will have 6 GL machines total but will also be running a Z Max that is a STUD on larger props.

Compared to the PG Mag the machine is faster, stays much cleaner under the covers, has a better hopper (spyker), can go through almost any gate, and can turn quicker. The guys love them and best of all they can be hauled on a carrier rack.

Also GL offers great service. Brice is awesome to work with.

If I was a solo I would probably go with the Z...but the GL is good for a fleet unit.

If you have any questions let me know!
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