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Going back to publicity i scanned facebook just now. Badboy has 6900 likes, bota 10, exmark and scag had 4900, grasshopper i cant member but seems like it was less than 1000, hustler had 1000, etc. Online and in the market badboy is talked about more than any other brand has ever been, and the company grows every year including last year that was a horrible drought year. I know facebook not everyone uses, but that is just one media outlet to compare. I see badboy commercials during the dallas cowboys, at the rangers games, on nascar, during pbr rodeos, i think they have one the more agressive marketing programs the industry has ever seen. Again high publicity has both positive and negative, there are companies that stay out of the limelight therefore we dont hear negatives alot like zipper, walker, kawasaki handhelds...etc.. should have just pm'd webel...i am long winded lol
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