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Kawasaki 19hp engine repair - shop suggestions?

I have a JD 717A, with a 19hp Kaw. It is five years old, nearly 1,900 service hours. I am looking for suggestions on a shop to make a repair.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a drip of oil on the trailer bed. I have kept watching, and learned that it was increasing in drops on the floorboards. It only happened after running, backing it on the trailer. The oil level changed very little, so I knew it was only leaking when operating. The drop in level was very small, meaning no oil needed to be added over 40 hours of use.

I know that oil leaks don't fix themselves. But, I was hoping to reach the end of the season without having to take it out of service. The oil leak continues to increase. The dripping on the trailer floorboards is more pronounced. I can see a few drops if I let it run while sitting on the pavement.

I think I am done, or very close to done, using it for 2012 season. I want to get it fixed now, and I don't feel I'm qualified to make the repair. I've always done my own work, but I think this is beyond my capability. I want to get it done before Dec 31 (expense in this taxable year), so want to find a good shop to make the repair. I suspect it is the bottom end oil seal on the crankshaft, but don't know that for certain. All I can see is oil leaking off the frame the engine sits upon.

Does anybody have experiences with shops in the Pittsburgh area, experiences that are favorable? I have two ideas, maybe four. But, maybe the wisdom of the greater Pittsburgh area folks here can bring more light to the matter.

I may post something in the Mech & Repair section, attempting to learn of somebody has some ideas. I should have shot some pics yesterday before I put it away, but may do so tomorrow.

If it was a one-for-one engine swap, I would consider doing the work myself. But, the mechanical repair is beyond me. Maybe I should consider a new engine. I don't know what the repair costs might be. Should I expect to get a fixed price, plus parts, or won't any shop do this? Otherwise, I believe the engine is sound -- uses no oil, starts and runs well, ... but does have 1,900 hours.

Thoughts? Thanks.
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