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Originally Posted by headz77 View Post
Don't worry Jim, I have already forgotten everything you said. Plus, I have an aversion to paid advertising.

How much does 20K Facebook fans cost anyways? ;-)
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LOL. Good. Yah, just ignore my posts. I don't need to be helping my competition.

20K fans? On you can buy up to 1000 fans for $5. So I guess you could get 20K fans for as little as $100, if you wanted. LOL. Just as long as you don't mind them being from foreign countries, half of them not even being real people, not most of them not living anywhere close to your target audience, and lots of them commenting in other languages. If you don't mind spinning your wheels and conversing with people who really aren't your customers and never will be....and if your main goal is to just look like a big shot, then 20K fans might be your thing..... LOL.

We need to have lunch again soon, now that things are a little less crazy. Email me with some dates that your free for lunch. I'd love to get together again.
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