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I am not disagreeing. A walk behind or stander can't hold enough leaves to be a primary leaf removal tool.

But I use blowers and tarps to remove most of the leaves, then use a mower to clean up the ones that escaped the blowers, or didn't get raked onto the tarp. The bagger that does this final cleanup of the lawn doesn't have to have a large capacity. I use a Scag triple bagger and it doesn't usually even fill the bags completely.

It takes too long, IMO, to blow ALL of the leaves to a central point, and then rake ALL of them onto the tarp. If you know you can leave a few behind, and get only 90-95% of them in the first pass, it is a much quicker operation. And even a small bagger can be used to do the final cleanup, if that is all that you have.

As long as I am at it, when I hear that guys are mulching all of the leaves, never picking any up, and "not a trace of shredded leaves can be seen" I have to believe that they don't live in a Deciduous Hell like the Northeast. No way your lawn looks good if all you do is mulch here in upstate New York.
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