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Originally Posted by TheChiefsLawnCare View Post
I sucked up a piece of re bar in the blower. Can somebody send me a link or explain how to do it. I hear a lot of people mentioning that they have done it, but they have not said how they have done it. Guess its kinda good timing because they starter needs replacing as well.
Well I haven't done one recently but have swapped out a few blowers over the years. It will be easier if you are going to have the engine out but not necessary. Also you may want to refer to your parts manual if you have one or just download one off of

The blower will come out from the bottom so you will have to have a way to lift you machine off the ground at least high enough have room for the blower to come out. Like I said I haven't done one in a while so forgive me if I miss a step or two but it is pretty simple and will take about 1.5- hours to 2 hours or so to do (maybe...).

1) Remove the deck
2) Remove the blower belt
3) Remove the face plate on the blower for clearance
4) Remove the skid bar/ support from at the bottom of the blower
5) Remove the 2 bolts from the bracket on the backside of the blower that holds it to the frame of the mower. Don't let the blower drop and hurt you for it should be free at this point.
6) Drop the blower down out of the machine.
7) Install your new blower by reversing these steps.

You may want to buy new hardware when you purchase your blower for the bolts tend to get eaten up from the grass juice. Also while the blower is out it wouldn't hurt to clean and repaint the frame if you see a lot of corrosion starting. Good Luck!

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