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- Until I get to the last paragraph of the home page, I have no idea where your service area or location is. A phone number and city up top would be very helpful.

- Left menu, I like the sub-info of what the main items are, but I would recommend left-justifying it. Centered text like that is now how we are conditioned to read.

- I like the blue "Book your 2013..." call to action and that you made the effort to link it to your estimate page. Nice job.

- When you can, work in some small images to wrap the home page content around. That's a lot of content for a page one, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but incorporating images will help lessen the "we would now like you to immediately read a lot of words" feeling.

- Services page: I really like the layout, information snippets, and guiding people to click for additional info for each service page. I would strongly suggest removing the [target="new"] code out of the links. There's no reason to open a new browser window/tab.

- Gallery page looks good. Nice photography. I'd suggest organizing them. The garden box pics aren't in order. With showing step-by-step progress pics, maybe make them their own section. You should also alt tag and title them. As they are, they're all the same title, but they don't give context as to what I'm looking at.

- Create descriptive page TITLEs. They're all the same right now, your business name, but that bit of info is already well-established.

- Create meta descriptions. The home page is the only one that has one.

- Where applicable, link to your various site pages from within the content and don't just rely on menu navigation.

- Add alt/title tags to images, such as on the Weekly Lawn Care page.

- Geo meta tags are a nice thing to add to your header.

- As Greg mentioned above, you should really move the CSS to it's own sheet.

- For search purposes, and your customers' sake, add your phone number and business address or service area to each page.

Looking good. Seems you're putting a lot of thought and effort in to doing this, so I'd say you're on the right path. As you are able, just follow through and try to get all of your own photography on the site. A couple of those are on the Mount Rushmore of Lawn and Landscape Web Sites.
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