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It has given us some opportunities definitely. I started out design/build and swore I'd never get into maintenance but we had more and more people requesting it. One thing lead to another and this year I had as many as 7 employees working in maintenance. Crews are 2 guys and I've got a great sales guy. I saw the potential in maintenance and hired a heavy hitter to help me tackle it this year. I was prepared to break even with a bigger outlook on the horizon but we did more than I imagined......which is great. There's a lot of opportunities in front of us for next year and anticipate a rather explosive continued growth in maintenance. This winter we will be working on getting all of our ducks in a row, so-to-speak, to manage it.

I don't have any updated pics on my computer and last time I tried uploading (multiple times) the website wouldn't load it. I did add another SNG system onto an International low-pro that has been very useful. Also added a GMC one ton and put a flatbed on it. There's 1-2 box trucks in the works and probably another GMC one ton w/ flatbed. I say I'm done buying trucks but it never sticks.......grow or stand still and I'm too ADD to stand still.....
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